Locally Made

Everything is Canadian and locally made in the Lower Mainland of BC.

Fabric Choices

Fabrics are offered in grades A, B, C and D. Grades are reflective of manufacturer pricing, and are not necessarily linked to fabric quality. Grades A and B high-quality options with an affordable price tag. Grades C and D are typically imported and may use natural fibres which affect the cost. When choosing a fabric, remember to consider factors like fabric structure, feel and colour in relation to things like room traffic, children, pets, and others.

Special features

Memory foam pullout beds can be added to pieces in double or queen.


It is encouraged that you choose a style that will fit your home based on the standard dimensions.

They can also extend or shorten the seating of each piece by adding or subtracting seat sections.


Chaises can be made on either side of the sectional in order to best fit your home.


Foam firmness is offered in soft, medium, and firm densities.


Pricing can vary and is dependent on choice of fabric grade, style, size and custom alterations.

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